Vertical Garage

Our Vertical Garage helps extend the life of your vehicle by giving it an indoor storage space that is more convenient and often cheaper that building your own garage. With vertical metal on the roof and walls, this garage is the best option if you need a garage or workshop/workspace that is climate controlled because, on this model, we offer a 2" Batt insulation that wraps the building between the metal and the trusses for a tight climate controlled environment. Like our Horizontal Garage, this building is also highly customizable with extra windows, doors, etc., however, for an extra charge we can also space the wall studs and trusses 4' on center instead of the standard 5' in order to make finishing the inside a breeze!

Standard Features

  • Premium 14 Gauge Tubing
  • Squared Frame
  • #1 40 Year Metal
  • 8′ Leg Height
  • 36″x40″ Window
  • 9’x8′ Rollup Door
  • Color Matching Screws
  • Standard Bracing
  • Standard Building Trim
  • Walk-in Door

Base Price Estimator

Select your desired options and get a rough estimate of the final cost!

Extras & other options

Windows & Doors
  • 36"x40" Window$165.00
  • 9'x8' Rollup Door (Econo)$495.00
  • 6'x6' Rollup Door (Econo)$395.00
  • 36"x80" Walk-in Door$295.00
  • Overhead Garage Doors Available (Call Office)
Frame Outs
  • Window Frame out$60.00
  • Garage Door Frame out$125.00
  • Walk-in Door Frame out$95.00
  • Horizontal Wainscot$0.00
  • Vertical Wainscot (per linear ft.)$14.00
  • 12' Panel$75.00
Gutter (Includes Downspouts)
  • per ft.$13.50
Condenstop Absorbent Backing
  • per sq. ft.$0.67
Foil on White 1/4″ Sol-r Eclipse Insulation
  • per Sq. ft.$1.42
2″ Standard Fiber Batt Insulation
  • Vertical Sides only (per Sq. ft.)$2.25
  • Inside/Outside Closures (per ft.)$0.50
  • Vented Ridgecap Closure (per ft. of Ridge)$5.00
Heavy Duty X-Anchors
  • (per ea.)$30.00
Metal Color Options

Due to differing computer screens, colors pictured on web may not be 100% accurate. Please see local dealer for exact colors.

Barn Red


Bone White

Bright Red






County Charcoal

Forest Green

Gallery Blue

Hawaiian Blue


Light Gray

Polar white

Sierra Tan


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