RV Cover

Protect your RV or travel trailer from the elements with one of our sturdy RV Covers! When calculating what leg height you need, remember that because of the rounded corners on the trusses, you will have an additional ~12 inches more of clearance than the leg height. We recommend to measure your RV at the corner as well as the tallest point, and then talk to one of our local salespeople to choose the best height for you! You definitely don't want to make the mistake of getting a cover that is too tall! Finally, nearly all RV's will fit under a 12 foot leg height cover, but in the case that your RV is an exception, we can go up to a 14 foot leg height for an extra charge.

Standard Features

  • Rounded Frame
  • 10' Leg Height
  • 1 3' Panel per side
  • Standard Bracing Package
  • Color Matching Screws
  • Standard Building Trim

Base Price Estimator

Select your desired options and get a rough estimate of the final cost!

Extras & other options

Extra Panels (3′ Width)
  • 21' Long$115.00
  • 26' Long$140.00
  • 31' Long$165.00
  • 36' Long$180.00
  • 41' Long$210.00
J-Trim Package
  • 21' Long$50.00
  • 26' Long$65.00
  • 31' Long$80.00
  • 36' Long$90.00
  • 41' Long$100.00
Rounded Horizontal Gable (per end)
  • 12' Wide$150.00
  • 18' Wide$175.00
  • 20' Wide$200.00
  • 22' Wide$220.00
  • 24' Wide$245.00
Condenstop Absorbent Backing
  • per sq. ft.$0.67
Heavy Duty X-Anchors
  • (per ea.)$30.00
Metal Color Options

Due to differing computer screens, colors pictured on web may not be 100% accurate. Please see local dealer for exact colors.

Barn Red


Bone White

Bright Red






County Charcoal

Forest Green

Gallery Blue

Hawaiian Blue


Light Gray

Polar white

Sierra Tan


Vertical GarageTennessee Barn