Tennessee Barn style carport with red roof and white sides

Tennessee Barn

The Tennessee Barn is by far our most customizable product offering! We offer many sizes, configurations, and options to create nearly endless possibilities! When you combine our available options with the fact that we design and manufacture all of our buildings, all you need to do is bring us an idea, and we can help turn your dream into a reality!

Standard Features

  • Squared Frame
  • Vertical Metal Roof
  • 10' Center Leg Height
  • 6' Lean-to Leg Height
  • Section between upper and lower roof closed w/ horizontal panel
  • Standard Bracing Package
  • Color Matching Screws
  • Standard Building Trim

Base Price Estimator

Select your desired options and get a rough estimate of the final cost!

Extras & other options

Extra Panels (3′ Width)
  • 21' Long$115.00
  • 26' Long$140.00
  • 31' Long$165.00
  • 36' Long$180.00
  • 41' Long$210.00
Squared Horizontal Gable (per end)
  • 12' Wide$180.00
  • 18' Wide$205.00
  • 20' Wide$230.00
  • 22' Wide$255.00
  • 24' Wide$275.00
Squared Vertical Gable (per end)
  • 12' Wide$240.00
  • 18' Wide$265.00
  • 20' Wide$290.00
  • 22' Wide$315.00
  • 24' Wide$340.00
J-Trim Package
  • 21' Long$50.00
  • 26' Long$65.00
  • 31' Long$80.00
  • 36' Long$90.00
  • 41' Long$100.00
Gutter (Includes Downspouts)
  • per ft.$13.50
Heavy Duty X-Anchors
  • (per ea.)$30.00
  • 12' Panel$75.00
  • Inside/Outside Closures (per ft.)$0.50
  • Vented Ridgecap Closure (per ft. of Ridge)$5.00
Condenstop Absorbent Backing
  • per sq. ft.$0.67
Foil on White 1/4″ Sol-r Eclipse Insulation
  • per Sq. ft.$1.42
2″ Standard Fiber Batt Insulation
  • Vertical Sides only (per Sq. ft.)$2.25
Metal Color Options

Due to differing computer screens, colors pictured on web may not be 100% accurate. Please see local dealer for exact colors.

Barn Red


Bone White

Bright Red






County Charcoal

Forest Green

Gallery Blue

Hawaiian Blue


Light Gray

Polar white

Sierra Tan


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